Meet The Trio and their new Family!

Meet our Trio – three highly bonded Goldens: Rosie, 7, Maggie 10 (Rosie’s mom) and Rosie’s uncle, Johnny, 9. They are certified therapy dogs who have lived together with their former owner all of their lives.Their owner’s ill health has made it necessary to find them a new home. Rosie, Maggie and Johnny have been well loved and cared for and they return that love three times over. They love people and children and they’re cool with other dogs but, they much prefer humans. They delight in walks (on or off leash) as well as trips to the beach, streams, dog parks and trails. If you are away at work during the day, they will keep each other company and leave your things unmolested. The have the manners of the retired certified therapy dogs which they are.

They will play with you, love you, delight in your love and make your home complete. They are good on their leashes and stay close to their person off-leash, too. Bouncy and enthusiastic at times and calm most of the time. Recall is very good, they are very well trained all around.

Rosie, Maggie and Johnny-Boy found their new forever home!