Meet Theodore Roosevelt and his new Family!

“Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.”

Sweet, sweet Teddy. That pretty much sums him up! We can only trace the past two years of his life with certainty only to find out he has been neglected and abandoned, more than once. Why would be anyone’s guess. Teddy is the most lovable soul. He is housetrained and uses the dog door, he has excellent indoor manners ~ never begs for food at the table and takes treats so gently, he is great with kids and is oh, so soft ~ just like a Snugli. Did I mention snuggle because that is exactly what he loves to do. Teddy makes an excellent foot-warmer and lap-warmer…this boy loves to cuddle. He waits to be invited onto the sofa or the bed and does have an affinity for sleeping with his people. Teddy has been a model houseguest.

Teddy LOVES to go for walks and has excellent leash manners. He does have some weight to lose but does not complain about portion size. Still, very spry for his size we believe he will be much more active once he sheds the pounds. Right now he takes a couple walks a day, approximately a mile each time and has been building up endurance as his weight loss continues.

Teddy likes to play with toys, a great game of tug-o-war his favorite although he seems to be missing that ‘retriever’ gene. He tends to run after whatever is thrown and walk off with it. Whether or not he can be trained to return it is questionable. He is super smart and figures “Why would I bring it back if you are only going to throw it again? I just want to play!” He does, however, know quite a few commands and listens well.

Teddy is great with other dogs and very playful with younger canine visitors but Teddy loves, loves, loves his people. Although he follows everyone everywhere, he seems to bond closely to the male of the household (and if they have grey hair…better). When his foster family leaves to run errands, Teddy just waits on the rug by the front door for them to return…quietly, he is not a barker. He has not been tested with cats, however we feel he would be just fine sharing a home as he has exhibited no prey drive on his walk around the lake where ducks and geese reside. Speaking of water, we do not know if he likes water. He is indifferent to the resident pool and nearby lake.

Teddy found his new forever home!