Meet Thor

Thor…The Sequel

Thor returns to rescue…. Supremely saddened to let him go, even his super powers weren’t enough to battle a family allergy in his adoptive home.

Thor is the entire package. Sweet, playful, loving, handsome, and smart, Thor has spent his time in foster care enchanting everyone he meets. Thor is great with kids and up until a couple of weeks ago had two of his own that he loved, played, slept, and dined with…they were the center of his universe.

Like most young strapping young dogs, Thor has a lot of energy and requires a lot of exercise. He loves chasing balls at the park and playing with other dogs but due to his big bouncy nature it really should be someone close to his own size. Thor plays hard, sleeps hard, and is great with people of all sizes but again may inadvertently knock little people over. He has not been cat tested or introduced to a pool so we do not know if he is a water lover.

Thor is housebroken, rides great in the car, overall has great manners but would benefit from a training refresher. He tends to jump up to say hi, has an affinity for shoes and socks and will shred his toys but overall, not destructive inside or out. Thor loves to play ball, go for walks, snuggle on the sofa and just hang out with his people.

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Thor’s ID number is 2828