Meet Tia and her new Family!

Sweet, smiling, tail wagging Tia was a stray but, she is now a happy girl living in her foster home with two golden boys. She is bright, curious and affectionate. She will follow you around the house and yard and she likes to explore on her own and find favorite places to lie while she observes her surroundings and play with her toys – especially Nylabones. She is great on the leash and loves to go for walks; she is very social and gentle.

Tia gets along well with her foster brothers; she’s especially crazy about her foster mom. She has great house manners iand she’s an expert wit the dog door. She gladly jumps into the car via the rear passenger door and she’s a good traveler.

She is somewhere between 8 and 10 years old. The only sign of age (other than the beginnings of some white fur on her face) is that she gets a little tired after walking more than about a mile. She also enjoys trips to the dog park where she explores and socializes while coming back to you every once in a while just to stay in touch.

She climbs the stairs when that’s where the action is but, she would definitely prefer a single story home. Tia definitely likes affection and attention – patting, caressing, scratching all over and being talked to. She will look you right in the eyes and let you know that it’s time for more.

Tia is a great pal for someone whose life is not high energy and who would like a great, loving, sweet girl to walk and hang with. Tia is a perfect girl and without any doubt she is going to bring a lot of joy and love to a lucky family.

Tia found her new forever home!