Meet Tilly and her new Family!

This elegant, gentle girl is Tilly. She is 10 years young and one of the sweetest Golden Retrievers you’ll ever meet! She may be a senior girl, but she can keep pace on a walk with her younger foster siblings and is excellent on the leash. Tilly just wants to be everybody’s friend. She greets every human or dog she sees and wins the hearts of everyone she encounters. Tilly’s foster dad says she is exceptionally sweet, affectionate and mellow.

She is potty-trained and has perfect house manners! Tilly is not shy and she will come up to you for love and affection, but she never jumps. She gets along with her two canine roommates, and understands basic commands including “go to your bed” and “lay down.” We don’t know how she’d be with cats. Gentle children over ten would probably be fine. Tilly could lose a few pounds with a sensible diet and nice walks.

Tilly found her new forever home!