Meet Timba and his new Family!

If you are an experienced dog owner, you will love Timba. He is a handful and a bit timid but a wonderful dog. He had some not so wonderful experiences in the first year of his life that left him very frightened, skittish and not well socialized. Now, with just a short period of love and work, he is becoming a new dog.

He is pretty much housebroken, loves to play and he has become very dog friendly but, he is still easily spooked – a factor that will require some more work and a loving environment where he can get the reassurance that he needs. Like many puppies, even yearlings, he does not yet have a soft mouth – another factor that still needs attention; he needs to learn to take things without biting fingers and he needs a better “leave it” command. He’s great in the car; needs some more work on the leash.

Timba is a smart, happy, high energy guy. He loves to play with his foster siblings and will thrive in a home where there is already a well adjusted dog to give him encouragement and confidence. He does well with children, too, as long as they are 10 or older, understand his current needs and will encourage him to run, run, run! With love and additional training, his confidence will grow over time and he will realize all of his potential to be a great dog.

Timba found his new forever home!