Meet Tobias and his new Family!

Tobias, who answers to “Toby”, is an extremely affectionate, sweet, calm and mellow boy. Tobias is about 2 1/2 years old. He walks quite well on the leash, and is great in the car. Tobias really likes to be near his humans and loves being petted and loved on. In fact, he thinks he is a lap dog and sometimes tries to get on his foster mom’s lap.

Tobias is good with other dogs. But he may show interest in the treat the other dog is getting and try to intercept it… greener grass and all that. Tobias has been respecting his foster’s belongings and has been using the exit to the backyard when nature calls. Tobias likes to stay near his humans and chooses to sleep in the same room at night. Tobias is a bit of a counter-surfer and somewhat of an opportunistic food thief, so a little correction and a lot of prevention should be employed. We think Tobias would be okay with kids 7 years old and over. We don’t know about cats or other little critters.

Tobias just found his new forever family!