Toby Maguire – Adopted!

Meet Toby Maguire, a small, cute golden mix.  We think Toby Maguire is mixed with a King Charles/Cocker Spaniel, but who cares because have you seen that face?  It is so smooshable!

Toby Maguire is a typical puppy. He jumps up, he nips when playing, he runs in circles, is super playful and full of energy!  He’s going to need an energetic family with a sense of humour who are happy to handle all the things that come with a puppy.

He loves people and kids, but we think he’d be best in a family with ones over the age of 9 who aren’t going to worry too much if he gets excited and exuberant.   He’s lived with other dogs and does fine with them; playing with his big foster sister.   He doesn’t bark often or much, but will let you know if he’s surprised by something.  He leaves things in his home alone for the most part if you are home, but if you leave him he will, as puppies do, chew on things left out.   We think it would be a good idea to have a big basket of his own toys that he knows he can go and grab from should he wish to as he grows and learns not to chew on slippers, shoes, socks, underwear and blinds.

Toby Maguire pulls on a leash, so training is going to be needed there.  He knows to do his business outside and will head out there as long as the door is open; if it’s closed he will need some extra training to alert you to open it.   He knows sit and watch me, but organized training will be beneficial to him becoming a good citizen.

He loves pets, laying on your lap and snuggles are just his favourite. He likes balls, and he has a special blue soft toy bone he came into rescue with that is his baby; he carries it everywhere.

Toby Maguire is a lovely boy and he just loves his humans.  He takes a long time to eat and is easily distracted so patience again is needed here, and if there is another dog in the home they will need to be monitored at dinner time to be sure they don’t take his food as he will let them.   He is a typical puppy in every way!