John and I faced the devastating task of helping our sweet Cassie over the bridge yesterday.  She came to us from the rescue as “Toots” five years ago, and has been the light of our lives ever since.  Being a teenager, we’ve been focused on helping her keep her mobility as limber and pain free as possible, but it was her brain that finally failed her.  She dealt with the loss of sight and hearing, but lately began falling and tangling herself into every possible odd corner of the house and yard, and would walk into a corner and just stand there. The final blow was a series of very scary seizures within a twelve hour period, which signaled the end of her ability to bounce back. I’ve lost my full-time job of shadowing her to ensure her safety, comfort and well being, and am temporarily at a loss of what to do with my time. Gratefully, she passed peacefully, even dosing and snoring at the vets.  While we knew this was coming, it happened unexpectedly and too soon, as there is never enough time with these sweet, loveable creatures.  We will miss her terribly.

Julie & John