Meet Towey and his new Family!

This handsome guy is Towey, a wonderful 2 year old Golden mix looking for love.

Towey’s previous owners dropped him off at a shelter and moved out of town, leaving behind a confused young boy. Understandably scared at first, after just a few days Towey began blossoming before his foster’s eyes. He is a sweet and loving dog. He enjoys playing fetch, and has a moderate energy level. He loves going for walks and is learning not to pull with the help of a Gentle Leader. He does get very excited when he sees other dogs on walks, and at times pulls and lunges toward them so he could definitely benefit by an obedience class with his forever family.

He is housetrained and is very responsive to verbal corrections. He has pretty good house manners, but does like to tear apart plushy toys! So, he’ll need a good supply of appropriate chew toys. He is still a young guy, and while he has a lot to learn he is also eager to please. He really loves being with his humans, and bonds quickly. He is not shy about showing his belly and asking for pets. Brushing is one of his favorite things…and he often falls asleep when you are brushing his coat.

Towey just found his new forever family!