Meet Tozer and his new Family!

Meet Tozer, a very high energy very loving boy! Due to lack of attention and neglect, Tozer did not get much socialization or training. In fact, his coat was so matted he needed to be shaved down and is missing his fabulous red gold coat. He is being crate trained and has had no potty accidents in the house. Tozer also gets slightly unsure when faced with strange noises, like construction work and big dump trucks. Otherwise, he is a very happy go lucky guy, who has no idea how strong he is.

Tozer will thrive in a home environment with an experienced, dog savvy owner. He needs lots and lots of exercise. His favorite thing so far is long, multi mile walks. He is learning to walk like a gentleman with the help of a Gentle Leader and is starting to respond quickly to the ‘sit’ command. Tozer loves every person he meets, but he is too enthusiastic and his greetings involve a lot of jumping. His foster family is working on that.

Tozer will do best in a household with no cats or other small pets. He is pretty sure that cats, squirrels and small dogs are meant to be chased. He needs lots of guidance in regards to house manners and obedience. He would be best in a home with older children or all adult household. He currently plays with his foster doggie siblings with supervision as he can be a bit pushy.

As with any young, inexperienced dog, Tozer will be happiest in a home that provides him with ample exercise, clear guidance, continued training, and lots of love. He is going to be an amazing, very loving companion in an active, structured household.

Tozer just found his new forever family!