Travis is a young dog with a lot to give. He just wants to find his forever home and stop bouncing around from place to place.

He came from the shelter and spent time at the vet’s to get over kennel cough. He developed an understandable dislike to kennels. Thank goodness he is perfectly housetrained and settles in well for a good night’s sleep so crating is not needed.

At his foster home Travis is a cheerful and playful guy. He is a little mouthy so children over 8 would be best. He also jumps when he is excited but responds really well to correction so this can be easily trained out of him with some consistency.

Travis is a love bug. He does not beg and walks very well on the leash. He knows sit, shake and is working on staying off the furniture. Most of all he just want to snuggle and be with you all the time.

Travis loves to retrieve and play with toys. He’s a little hesitant to get in the car because he is afraid he is being taken away – again. Once in the car he settles right in though.

Travis will be happiest as an only dog. He barks at strange dogs but we think it’s because he just has not spent much “happy dog time” with other dogs. He prefers humans. With time, patience and proper introductions he should be fine with other dogs.