Meet Traynor, nee Shadow. He was surrendered to SCGRRescue as his previous family was moving and couldn’t take him.

His being named Shadow should give you a good idea of his personality, as that is what he will be your shadow. He is a Velcro Golden Retriever who wants to be very close to his owner, with very little sense of personal space. He would ideally like to lay in your lap but will lay at your feet, or at the very least be in constant visual distance of you, if that is as close as he can get. He definitely loves his multiple walks a day and while on walks he is always going up to new people for a hello and a pet. He is also, most definitely, a retriever and, and extremely into his tennis balls. His most favorite past time in the whole world is fetch-that game never gets old. He will bring you his ball or Kong while you’re sitting watching TV, drop it in your lap, perhaps drop it in bed, a few gentle nudges, a reminder that “ hey, I have a ball here if you want to throw it” but will cease and desist when you tell him to. He is totally housebroken and has been left alone during a work day and he shows no destructive behavior or potty accidents inside the home. He also knows a few commands like sit, stay and come – he listens and wants to please. He’s not a big barker, and while he might bark at another dog when first meeting, he generally gets along well with other dogs. We’re not sure about how he feels about cats, but suspect his personality would accept them too. One of his few bad traits might be putting his paws up on a counter or table to show you he wants to play fetch but he does knows the “get down” command, as well. If allowed, he will want to sleep on your bed to be close to you( he does know the “get off” command there too, though, ha!). He rides very well in the car, and is great off leash as-well-as we said, he is a good listener and craves being near you, anyways, so he does not wander off too far, unless is in pursuit of a tennis ball. He has been to the water but has not shown all that much interest.

Shadow is a great dog, a big, beautiful, soulful boy, who will come up to you and look deep into your eyes while resting his chin on your lap. He is a big boy, weighing in at 85 pounds, and while he has a large frame, he still needs to lose a few pounds. He would be okay as an only dog, or with another mellow friendly canine-he is currently living with another young female golden and they get on well. He probably would love a child or children in a household to keep him happy with fetching, hugs and lots of kisses.