Hi, my name is … well, I was a stray so… .  My rescue/screen name is “Trident” but my foster mom thinks that I am a little more likely to answer to “Luke”.  Or, you can give me a brand new name if you want to.  I am house trained and my foster mom says that I only bark when it’s necessary.

Most of all, you should know that:   I   love   everything.  

Tennis balls – love them – need at least two.  

I love to be near someone and keep them company as much as possible and I am perfectly good when left alone for a few hours.  I am very loving and will bond with you in short order.

I play well with other dogs and I love the dog park.  If other dogs jump on me, I may growl and bark until I’ve gotten to know them and then it’s cool.  Another dog in my new home would be fine too.

I love to pretend to be a roly-poly on my back to lure you in for a belly and armpit scratch – for me of course!  And I will give you all the licks you want in exchange.

I’m good in the car and I’m learning to be good on leash but still pull a bit.

As you can tell from my pictures, I am happy, happy, happy and loving – all the time.