This is Truman, a very high energy large puppy! We don’t know much about Truman’s early experiences, but we do know he is a very happy, playful guy. It seems Truman did not get much guidance on puppy manners, and jumping up can be intimidating with a large dog. His foster family is reporting some success with sitting for pets, but be aware he is a work in progress! Truman’s other puppy traits work-in-progress potty training, chewing, pulling on the leash, and boundless energy. He enjoys his daily walks and does well with a Gentle Leader.

Truman’s ideal family would be one that is very active and very patient. He loves his walks, even going 4 miles does little to dampen his enthusiasm! He also loves swimming. This is one water dog that does not want to get out of the pool! Truman also loves toys. One of his favorite activities is taking every toy out of the toy basket and spreading them around the house and yard. So far, Truman loves everything…including other dogs. He plays well with his foster siblings and can get really excited when meeting other dogs on leash. He has not been tested with cats or small dogs, but because of his size and energy level, he would be best as an only dog or with large dogs. Truman has not been tested around children.

Truman will need obedience training and supervision, so his forever family should be ready to commit to those. His naughtiest deeds to date were a potty accident (never trust the puppy!) and attempting to chew firewood. Of course, with his goofy, happy personality, it is hard to stay mad at him!