Holy Mini- Golden! We really think this little guy is a Golden-Corgi  mix! He has the head of a Golden Retriever on the legs of a Corgi and is just about as cute as cute can be.

Tully is a hoot. Very affectionate and loves to be with his people. He knows his commands and enjoys his walks. He is housebroken and has good house manners. He does not require a lot of exercise and is easy to get in and out of the car.

He barks at other dogs on walks – he has little-dog syndrome! We think he would be best as an only dog so that he can get all the attention he wants. He is also pretty clever and likes to figure out how to escape so a secure home and yard are a must and someone home most of the time would be a bonus.

Chances are cats would be chased but older kids would be fine.