Meet Twyla and her new Family!

Meet Twyla, an adorable 8 month old puppy who is in need of a couch to lay on and a family to adore her.

She is a very smart little girl who knows how to use the doggie door and has learned to ‘sit’ on command. She would love her new family to take an obedience class with her so she can impress them with how quickly she learns things.
She gets along great with her canine foster siblings, and also does really well with dog savvy kids. Twyla loves playing fetch and a good game of tug-o-war. She is also a snuggler, and loves cuddling up with both doggies and humans. She is still very much a puppy, and comes complete with typical puppy habits of occasional digging and chewing which need to be redirected. We are looking for a super special family who promises to give Twyla the training, exercise and love she needs to thrive.

Twila just found her new forever family!