Vader – Adopted!

Meet VADAR, Darth’s bigger brother (by 2 lbs now.)

Vadar’s mom is a Golden, his dad (we think) is a Newfoundland. Vadar is the patient one, first to hop into your lap when you sit
on the floor, first to roll over for tummy rubs. Vadar is very respectful of his older foster sister, he is not as mouthy as his brother and prefers to sit by your side vs chase the tennis ball. He is just as mischievous however, so don’t let his calm, patient demeanor fool you.

He will chew your belongings, poo in your living room, pee while he runs to greet you in the morning, and eat all the flowers in your spring garden. He isn’t as messy with his water bowl but has been known to growl away his brother from the food bowl at times.

Vadar loves to explore but mostly he wants to be by your side. Vadar does not like the kennel, but will sleep in it at night (our only resort since they both jump the baby gates!) He probably would prefer sleeping in the family bed but that’s up to you, his FAMILY. We do want Vadar to have a pool/river/lake/ocean as it is their nature, being part Newfie. We’ll not want him home alone, as the bigger he grows the more destructive he will become if left to entertain
himself, by himself. They’ve only chewed through one electrical cord, and it was unplugged (thank Heaven!)