Valentina – Adopted!

Since Valentina joined our family from South Korea she has been a pure joy. She loves to talk when she has a toy in her mouth. She has been with us for about three months being treated for heartworm. The vet treating her has verified through her latest bloodwork that she is now healthy. The family who ends up adopting her will have to keep her on Advantage II for the rest of her life.

Valentina is one of the easiest dogs we have fostered when it came to transitioning into an unfamiliar environment. She is an energetic, fun loving dog who gets along great with our two dogs. They love to wrestle and play tug of war. Valentina’s favorite activity is walking. We have not fostered a dog who gets as excited when she knows she is going for a walk. She doesn’t react negatively when encountering other dogs or people, instead getting excited. Valentina is a very friendly dog who likes attention and meeting new people. She will push herself into the mix when we are petting all the dogs. Valentina is also housebroken.

It is hard to find any issues with her. She does jump up on people and tends to pull on her walk’s, but both issues are easily correctable. Valentina is not food or toy aggressive. She is not destructive but loves to carry around shoes and socks when possible.