This enthusiastic pup is Vegas and he has been a delight in foster care. A bit ball-obsessed, Vegas lives with two golden foster sisters but is more interested in playing catch than with them.  Vegas is house-trained, knows a few basic commands, and is very smart so would be easy to train. A very sweet pup, Vegas has been left to his own devices for most of his life so is now learning some boundaries and soaking up all of the love and attention he can get. He loves to snuggle!

Vegas would be fine as an only dog or in a home where someone else can be the boss. He does share his toys and balls with his foster sister but she put him in his place a few times before the pack order was settled. No cats or small animals, Vegas is a chaser and thinks it is all for sport.

Vegas is a very active boy, and while throwing the ball may seem like fun for a while, he will do that all day. To get the exercise he needs, Vegas would like an active family that will get him out and about and let him experience new adventures too.  He loves road trips!

Everything we have witnessed with Vegas indicates he is good with everyone, the perfect pooch. He was relinquished due to food resource issues but we have been unsuccessful in duplicating this behavior in a foster environment.  For this reason we are not considering homes with small children. A dog savvy home would be best.