Victor – Adopted!

This is Victor. Victor came to us via the shelter in L.A., where he was terrified and would not come out of the back of his kennel. After some coaxing, and some patience, we were able to convince him we were not going to hurt him, and he cautiously made his way out.

Despite clearly not being treated very well in his very short life, once Victor has checked you out and is comfortable with you, he is a sweet, loving, playful pup with a great disposition. Victor absolutely loves being part of a family, with his own people, and his own home. He loves his walks, walking well on a leash, although he does get excited when he spots bunnies , and other dogs. He enjoys his two foster fur siblings-he likes wresting with his older brother and is learning what toys and balls are about. He has no toy or food aggression, and loves to be pet and cuddled. Victor seldom barks, and has shown no destructive tendencies inside or outdoors, even being left alone at home.

As mentioned earlier, Victor meets strangers very cautiously, and needs to meet them on his terms. Once he has deemed you okay and part of the pack, he’s your best friend. He does not do well when people rush him into greetings-he prefers to come to you. This usually happens fairly quickly-even though he met his foster family very cautiously when brought over to them, within the hour he had already bonded with their college age daughter, and the whole family shortly thereafter.

Victor is a sweet boy, who would do well in a quiet, adult household, ideally with another canine companion. Children under the age of 16 would be too scary for this boy at this point. Since Victor has had very little of anything in his life, including training, he would benefit greatly from some formal instruction.