Meet Vixen!

Vixen (called Vixie by her foster Mom) is an adorable 5 month old Great Pyrenees mix puppy. She is 1 of 5 puppies that came into rescue @ the beginning of December. This incredibly sweet and loving pup that will climb onto your lap and cover you with kisses is currently 32 lbs. She’ll probably need to change this behavior as we know she will grow up to be a very big girl.
Vixie is very much a puppy and loves to run and play and chew on everything. She is excellent in de-stuffing plush toys and taking apart “unbreakable” dog toys into million pieces & she does enjoy chewing on bully sticks. She is living with a resident large dog and loves to play tug with him, but we think she would do well as an only dog too. She also lives with two cats and has learned to not bother them.
Vixen is crate trained and sleeps quietly through the night, but she would definitely prefer to sleep in bed with her humans. Even though Vixie is very playful, she knows how to relax and will snuggle up with you on the couch when you are watching a movie at night. She will probably be a medium energy dog once she grows out of puppyhood.
Vixen is a very smart girl and learned ‘sit’, ’down’, ’shake’, ’spin’ in two days. The way she does ‘down’ when you have her favorite treat in your hand must be the cutest thing you will ever see; she does a little hop and plops down very enthusiastically. She is mostly house trained & will start sniffing the floor when she wants to go out. A new home may require some additional training & attention. She comes to “Vixie” or “Puppy” but has only been off leash 1 time & running alongside her fur sibling. She did well, but not to be trusted without further training. She will be a breeze to train, but her family should definitely plan on taking her to training classes so she becomes the best dog possible as she will grow into her large paws.
Vixie loves all people, but she does take a little time to warm up to kids. They scare her for some unknown reason and she will bark and run to her foster mom to “save” her from them. (She feels the same about the gardeners and the mail man). She is in no way aggressive but she (or any other dog) should never be put into a situation where a child corners and grabs her. We believe she would do best with kids 8 y/o and up right now, but she will most likely overcome her fears with proper socialization and training and could be an amazing fur sister to young children in the future.
Because she is a puppy, she is looking for a family who has the time to raise & train a puppy. She needs to have supervision during the day & activities to keep her busy. She doesn’t counter surf or resource guard her toys or food. We will consider families who work in the office full time only if they are willing to bring her to daycare or have someone come play with her a good portion of the day while the family is at work. Being classified as a “working dog” daily exercise is a must to keep her happy & healthy.
Vixie just recently completed all of her puppy vaccines so she hasn’t had much chance to explore the world outside the house yet, but we are sure she would love to join her family on walks, hikes, trips to the beach, park, etc. All she wants is to be with her people as much as possible! She gets in & out of the car with ease & enjoys car rides and is always up for an adventure. She is very people oriented so the main requirement for her forever family is that you treat her as family and include her in your day to day life as much as possible. She could care less if you have the nicest biggest yard; if you are not there with her playing, it’s useless.
Vixen is overall a pretty perfect puppy but she is not a Golden Retriever and has some qualities that are true to her breed. She has strong protective instincts and thinks it’s her duty to alert her foster family of any “intruders”. She is also not your typical fearless retriever puppy; she can be cautious of new things and is sensitive to environment around her. She will be your most loyal companion and will make sure to tell you every day of how much she loves you with puppy kisses. Vixen hasn’t been to the beach, so we’re not sure if she’s a water dog. She doesn’t really care for baths, but tolerates them & is a beautiful puffy pup afterwards.
About the Great Pyrenees breed; They are a calm, well-mannered, serious dog known for its great devotion to family, including well-behaved children. These dogs are generally trustworthy, affectionate and gentle, but if the need arises, they will not hesitate to try to protect their family and their territory. You should expect some shedding on a constant basis & at least 1 major shedding per year. On the up side, Great Pyrenees only require about 1-2 brushings per week, but never clip their hair in the summer as it protects them from heat & sunburn.
If you feel that you have the time, attention & the lots of love to share and have completed both your application & In Home Interview with SCGRR, please contact her Rep @ GoldenPaws43@cox.netand tell her how Vixie would blend into your family.
Vixen’s minimum adoption fee is $600.00
Vixen’s ID # 4669