Walley – Adopted!


Meet Walley, a very gentle boy with a sweet disposition. Walley has been living with the same young family his entire life, but as their family grew they had less and less time for him and decided to give him up to rescue.We’re really happy for Walley that they did. And Walley sure is happy that they did-he is loving living indoors with his foster family and especially their kids.

Walley is still an active dog with a playful nature who just wants to become part of a loving family. His all time favorite thing is just being with them, all the time, whether inside at home or at the many sports and social events they attend.

Walley has had some training, and responds well to basic commands. He has pretty good house manners, although a quick counter surf when the opportunity arises is not beneath him. Nor is a sandwich left unattended from a little hand necessarily out of bounds.

He loves his toys and balls-the more he can carry around in his mouth, the better. He regularly manages to fit 4 tennis balls at once into his mouth for his enjoyment! He loves to run and fetch as many as you’re willing to throw, be it ball or stuffed animal. He loves his walks and riding in the car with you.

Walley meets all other dogs and their humans really well and is generally just an overall lovely gent. He is your typical velcro kind of golden, super sweet and loving wanting to be with his people 24/7. He is happy and easy and would be a lovely addition to most homes. He would do great in a home as either an only dog, or with another friendly pooch, but kids are definitely a bonus.