Meet Cho! Adoption Pending!

Meet Cho (t’che in Korean). The 2 year old 80 lb male came to us from a rescue in So. Korea at the end of December with a few other Goldens. He looks like a macho guy, who’s been in his fair share of fights – and has the scars to prove it!
Don’t let that mislead you!!! Cho is a rather shy, timid sweetie-pie boy afraid of many new things he is experiencing here in the US. He is learning to trust the smells, sounds and sights of this new world with gusto! He has some baggage from his hard, neglectful life in So Korea, but is an all-around great Golden looking for a kind and fun-loving family.
First, consider the challenges and needs:
1)  Cho exhibits resource guarding of his food bowl with other dogs – his family must address this with behavior modification with positive protocols guided by a trainer
2) Cho chews, begs and counter surfs – simple basic training will get him over that, especially since he is SUPER food motivated.
3)  Cho is VERYexcited to play with other dogs – he just needs to learn how to greet them calmly and with respect to the tail end.
4)  Cho is heartworm positive and has begun treatment. He will need monthly applications of Advantage Plus for 12 more months. A blood test in 6 months. Rescue will share all background information with the family.
Other than that, he’s perfect and fabulous. While being gorgeous and large, he also LOVES car rides. Loves other dogs and all people. He’s curious about birds and chases the bunnies. He respects a baby gate and always potties outside. So far is not a barker or a door guard. He is active, loves to all-out run, go for walks (drags at this point, but practice makes perfect). A large yard with plenty of hiking trails nearby would be a good fit for Cho. A daily jog with his mom or dad would be a good fit also. Cho is very social so he would like to travel and do fun things with his family – not one to be content hanging around the house. He’s too curious for that…..
Cho is very food motivated, a good quality for training purposes, which this pup will need to start at the basics. He learns quick, so have fun! We feel Cho needs another playful, active and rough-n-tumble larger dog-sibling to round out his new family. We prefer no small children due to the resource guarding and begging. His family must be experienced with dog training and willing to work with Cho to teach him how to be a courteous and well-mannered house dog. Cho does do well with small dogs too. 
Cho’s adoption fee is $1500 – This is to cover the international documentation and flight expenses, crate, airfare, medical (vaccines, checkup, blood tests, HeartWorm treatment), and returning crates to airline.
If you are an all adult home, with experience training and living with higher-energy active dogs, please inquire with Cho’s rep at
Cho’s # 4934