I’m Winter and I turned 9 on August 4th. A cute little girl named me after the dolphin in the movie Dolphin’s Tale.

We have a few things in common, that famous Winter and me: I am as smart as a dolphin and have even learned a new language in a very short space of time. And, I have a special tail like the dolphin Winter. My foster mum calls me “Helicopter” because my tail is forever going and she thinks that’s what keeps me moving and my heart beating! But, there is a saying that goes, “A dog wags it’s tail with it’s heart” and that is the truth of it as it pertains to me. My heart is always happy and so my tail is always wagging.

I was left in a house in Mexico with only my shot records to keep me company. While I’ve had to learn “sit”, “good boy”, and “thanks for the kisses” in a new language, love is the same language all over the world, and I have oodles of it to give. I have the BEST golden smile, just look at my pictures below for proof of that! I will follow you from room to room, and lay right by you in the evening.

I live where there is only wooden floors, and while I have learned to walk on them just fine, some rugs will be appreciated at my new house on the tile or wood. I have a soft toy I really like to slobber all over, but I won’t destroy it, I also like a ball that squeaks.

I’m great on a leash, and I’m fully house trained. I haven’t chewed up anything in my foster house. I will whimper if you’re not around and that’s the only time my tail stops. So, I must have someone who is going to be with me all the time, I cannot do without my humans for companionship.

I’m great with kids and I don’t mind cats, though if the cat runs I might chase after it to just say hello. I’m fine in the car, and I like to be sprayed with the hose. My foster mum has never heard me bark.