Wrigley – Adopted!

Wrigley is a very special boy and he is going to need a special family.  One full of love, gentleness, kindness and patience.   Poor Wrigley has not been treated well by either humans or dogs in his 8 years; while he so wants to trust everyone, he can be a little worried to do so.   He came into rescue covered in fleas and was kept outside most his life.

He loves kids; they’re about the only thing he totally trusts. He follows the two kids in his foster home everywhere and will let them do practically anything to him.  However, we think if your home does have kids they should be over ten years old.   We think he’d be better in a home with no other dogs; we’d like him to be your centre of attention. He, we think, was not treated nicely by other dogs so now he will growl at them sometimes because he is unsure if they are going to hurt him.  Dog parks are not going to be his thing; at least not to start with.  He loves being cuddled and petted and to lay on your lap on the couch; however, it still can cause him a little anxiety not knowing if you’re going to hurt him even in that position so expect him to love it, have his eyes closed, but still pant a little with worry.   If you move toward him suddenly he will close his eyes and turn his face – he may even whimper or cry out before you even touched him.

Wrigley’s foster family have been working on giving him kisses and hugging him to make him see these are nice things – he’s getting there.  He really enjoys it if you sit in a chair and he can put his paws on your thighs and say hello while being petted all over.  He has progressed to where now he’ll even give you a kiss or two back.  He enjoys love over toys any day right now – now he is getting love, he is really enjoying it!  He loves his foster mum and follows her everywhere; even crying if she goes into the restroom and shuts the door on him!  Hence, why his new family is going to need patience and understanding.

He is frightened of loud noises – so July 4th and thunder season is going to be something his new family need to be extra aware of – maybe an anxiety shirt would be a good idea for him. He is eager to please, and just really wants to be with his humans so at least one member of his new family needs to be home most the time.   If you vacation, he should go with you. At night time, he needs to sleep next to you on his bed by your bed.   He just wants to be with the humans he’s learning to trust.

Wrigley is an absolutely beautiful boy who looks and acts younger than his 8 years.  He has had a clean bill of health from our vet; so it’s more emotional scars he needs help overcoming.