Wyatt Earp – Adopted!

Meet Wyatt Earp.

Wyatt’s story is a familiar one-although his family loved him very much, they were first-time golden owners and they were just not able to give him the time and attention, that, as anyone who has owned a young golden knows, they need. Their only wish for him was that we find a family who did. We will.

Wyatt has had some training, having gone to a two-week board and train, and although they were unable to maintain the consistency required, he still retains some of the basics. He appears to be as smart as he is beautiful, so he will likely be a quick study. He is potty trained, knows how to use a doggy door, and has been crate trained, although is not using one in his foster home. He was living with a french bulldog in his prior home, is now living with a VERY high energy golden doodle, and spent 5 days at a doggie daycare when he first got here-he loves other dogs, and has never met a stranger, either two or four legged. He has also lived with small kids, 2 and 4, although they quickly learned to “brace” if he was hurtling their way. He also LOVES to swim.

Wyatt is a high energy young golden, still, a puppy, having just only turned one. He is happy go lucky, loves his people, and is as velcro as they come. He is quite needy currently-as mentioned, his young family was pretty overwhelmed with all their responsibilities, and he did not get all the attention he craves. He has a couple of bad habits that will need to be addressed as well he is a champion counter surfer, and he needs a lot of work on his leash manners. In general, he is just your big goofball of a golden.

We would like to find Wyatt a home that his prior family wanted for him. An active family, who will include him in all their activities, and give him plenty of exercise and stimulation. Another friendly, happy canine companion to become besties with. A pool, lake, or even better, a beach-he would be in heaven, as apparently swimming is his favorite thing. Felines unknown, but I think a dog savvy cat(s) could quickly establish a healthy dose of respect. Kids great, but perhaps not really little ones.