Meet Yuri and her new Family!

This sweet girl is named Yuri and she is just about the best girl ever.

She is on the small size although she needs to lose about 10 pounds through regular exercise and a sensible diet. Yuri is very good on the leash and quite smart. She seems to have something mixed in, perhaps a herding dog like an Australian Shepherd. Yuri is fine with other dogs but she will warn off the big males with a bark and a lunge if they get too pushy. She won’t do any harm – just a warning. She is leery of small dogs and barks at them on walks. Most likely, with a little time and patience, she could get used to big and small dogs. We are not sure how she would be with children but she seems to prefer a quiet and mellow home. Yuri loves car rides and any adventure you wish to take her on such as shopping or walking at the beach.

Yuri just found her new forever family