Meet Zak and his new Family!

9 month old Zak is an energetic, playful, enthusiastically affectionate boy. He wants to jump up to tell you how happy he is to know you! Although, he is getting the hang of being a good member of the household in his house-training and knowing what he should and shouldn’t chew, he needs patient and consistent guidance. He is not too shabby on the leash. Zak is very smart and is capable of learning commands rapidly.

Zak’s early shyness has melted away, and now he is curious and inquisitive about his world. Zak is very loving and affectionate, and he loves to give kisses. When he came to us, he was very ill, but now he is all better and full of exuberance. He may be a little to excitable to be around children, and knock them down or be too mouthy. Zak has not lived with other dogs while in rescue, but he shows no fear or animosity with the ones he sees out on the street. Cats would probably find him a bit too frisky. Zak just found his forever home!.

Zak just found his new forever family