Meet Zandi and her new Family!

This precious little baby‘s name is Zandi and she is full of character and enthusiasm!

Her most favorite thing in the universe is playing fetch with her human family. Having a great throwing arm will be a plus . She runs, jumps, swats and tosses her tennis balls like there’s no tomorrow. She can catch a tennis ball in a single bound. She can leap tall beds if you let her, and will snuggle like nobody’s business. Don’t let her age fool you. She’s very agile and full of energy and has TONS of love to give. She knows most commands, sit, down, stay and walks well on a leash. She would benefit greatly with a family who will reinforce her training, to build that bond with her. She prefers to be inside, unless outside playing games, walks, activities and potty breaks. She’s been caught counter surfing here and there, but responds well to No and again, down. She appears to learn pretty quickly and is very smart. She shows interest in the water and has gone in the pool for….. you guessed it….. her tennis ball. She did not hesitate before jumping in the pool and chasing down the ball that got away.

Coming home to her greeting is like a party every time. She gets super excited and is very verbal with her welcome home, I missed you.. Her entire body wiggles with delight and can melt even the toughest heart. She is not known to jump on people, but will lean on you, to get close and is pretty goofy at times. She was raised without having to share with other dogs, but did well with her foster brother and sisters. It is possible that she would bond with another family pet, but not sure. For this reason she may be best suited as an only dog. Although she has not displayed a great interest in playing with them, she does not have an issue with them either. We do not know how she will respond around young children, so best suited for older kids. She needs a family who can provide an active life full of adventure, walks, and games of fetch. She wants a family that can shower her with time and attention . In return, she will give all of her Golden devotion. She has had a spa grooming and even a dental cleaning. She just found her perfect family!

Zandi just found her new forever family