Zeytin – Adopted!

Zeytin flew into rescue on Tuesday March 27, 2018.  She is a one year old flat coat retriever from a forest in Turkey.  She was spayed and we believe that was done in a shelter, but then she was released into the forest and fended for herself for a few months before our folks on the ground there found her. 

Zeytin has only been in foster care a few days and now finds herself on our website. This was a decision we’ve made because we feel it would be terribly cruel to her to have her adjust to her foster home for weeks, to only then be uprooted to her permanent home. 

She is an absolutely beautiful, sweet girl.  She does not have a mean bone in her beautiful body.  However, she is unsure of everyone.    The last few days she has been on a very short walk with her foster mother to the mail box and back and she walks perfectly until you look at her, then she hits the floor – as this has progressed by day she has gotten better!     She does not cringe or cower or wince at you going to pet her, so we really don’t think she has been hit or hurt. We think she just hasn’t come into much contact with humans and is unsure as we seem so big.  Squatting or sitting down with a treat works much better than standing up with a treat.  To feed her, you’d need to put her bowl down into a room and leave her there alone while she eyes you to see if it is safe for her to eat.  Not looking at her, helps lots. 

She went to visit our amazing vet on Friday March 30, 2018 for a full check up and lay behind the couch not wanting to get up at all.   Surprisingly, when the vet checked her heart rate it was only at 60 BPM; the good news with this is she is not anxious or afraid, she is just terribly unsure.   She loves being pet and having belly rubs, if you can get close enough to her.  She has had no accidents in her foster home and has done all of her potties out in the yard.  She likes her crate and finds that comforting to sleep in at night, though again, getting her out of it can be tough and requires a lot of patience.

So, we are looking for a very special home that would be willing to foster her with the full intent to adopt her – fostering to begin with as we will want her to visit our vet in your area for her follow up before you adopt.  She has been cleared by the vet for adoption, she has all her vaccinations and has been checked for heartworm, ehrlisia, anaplasma, leishmania and all are negative. Her heartworm test was done in both Turkey and then again here in the US.   She is all clear!  Her teeth are beautifully white. 

We are looking for a very quiet, calm home. No young children.  She gets along great with cats and dogs, but they cannot be aggressive or dominant in any way as this will not help her.  A well behaved confident, sweet dog in her new home would be perfect. Or, no dog at all as long as she has someone home all the time.   We are looking for her absolute permanent home – this cannot be a trial run. You must exercise patience, accept and be grateful for small steps forward in her progress of trusting you, talk to her in a quiet sing song happy voice, never raise your voice, and love her and make her the center of your universe.  Her foster mum has picked her up and placed her on the bed and laid next to her and pet her and she loves it, though relaxing takes time. 

If you have the patience to wait for the reward that will come in time and are looking for a beautiful, sweet, gentle girl that Zeytin is, please write her friend Sharon at Goldensftw@hotmail.com and let her know WHY you would be the perfect home for her. 

Zeytin’s ID# 4630

Zeytin is an adoption fee of $1500 as she came internationally.