Meet Zion – Adopted!

Zion came to us as a frightened boy who had not had a good run in his life with people.  He was abused and hit; we think frequently.   He is prematurely sugar faced because of that and since he was kept outside all his life.  He has scarring on his face from the muzzle he was made to wear all the time.   He had no idea how to interact with other dogs, how to play, what a ball or bone was, or about personal space.  Zion  is now trying to adjust to laying back and enjoying kindness.  We are looking for a loving, patient, kind and gentle home for him.  Folks that won’t make him do things he doesn’t want to do. He just wants to be loved, kissed, petted and allowed to lay on the couch with you and put his head in your lap while you stroke him as he sleeps.  Sounds perfect to us!

Zion will sometimes flinch if you put your hand near him, but he is learning to wag his tail longingly expecting it!  He cannot be without a tennis ball since he’s discovered it’s the best thing in the world; in the beginning he would growl not wanting to give it up, but now he happily hands it over as he’s learned it’ll be thrown again for him to chase! He respects his foster sister and brother when they have the ball and has learned that it’s ok they have it. He just goes and finds another one or looks at them longingly until they might, just maybe, perhaps drop it.

Laying in the sun and chewing on a bone is another fine thing in his life. He likes going for walks, sniffing everything, seeing all the sights and does well on a leash. He’s fine in the car as well so dog parks and beaches can be seen in his future! He is completely housebroken and does not chew anything that is not his. He stays off the furniture and sleeps soundly all night long by your bed on his own, or on the floor if it’s a hot night.

Zion is great with cats and has lived in bliss with two of them. The same with dogs; he has been taught mainly by his foster fur sister about personal space and he brushes it off and carries on happily.  He has recently been going swimming in the pool, and while he still swims a little vertically vs horizontally, and makes the biggest splash with his front legs, he sure does enjoy it and it is great for his ankle.  Zion has a torn Achilles, so play time is fine, but needs to be limited as it heals from stretching. No runs at all other than ball chasing, and walks should be short. His dogtor says it’s almost healed!

While Zion gets along fine with other dogs, he would love to be your one and only so no other dogs please.  Now he has learned what it is to get attention and be loved, he would like it from you much and often.  A typical velcro, loving golden boy. He missed out on 6 years of it, so he’d like to make up for that lost love time! Zion is fine with kids in short doses, he loves to say hi to them and let them throw the ball for him and pet him, but because of his fear issues he will not go to a home to live with kids. Adults know and understand to go slowly and not pull on him, but rather to have gentle hands and gentle voices.

Zion had a couple of hot spots when he came in that he had chewed til they bled, but with care those have healed; he is taking Benadryl to stop the itch. He wags his tail probably 99% of the time and it goes in circles more than it goes side to side.  We think that’s when a dog wants you to know they aren’t just really happy, but really, really, happy. You can almost see the love hearts coming out of his eyes when he looks up at you.

Here’s a short video we took of Zion with his foster sister Gertie chasing the ball and playing nicely together.  Click here.