Mei Mei

Mei Mei crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the arms of her loving family on August 28, 2020 after a battle with many medical issues that compromised her health. She had been part of our rescue family for over a year.

Mei Mei’s Journey

When the friend of a deceased Taiwanese immigrant called to say he had inherited her golden retriever he didn’t want and had been keeping her outside on his patio the past few months, SCGRR said “Bring her to us”. Beautiful blonde Mei Mei (aka Darth Vader and Sunshine), deaf and riddled with infections in her eyes, nose, ears and skin scored a one way ride to SCGRR after a collapsed larynx (laryngeal paralysis) was diagnosed. The neurological condition makes it difficult and noisy to breathe in air creating a loud sound when panting hence the Darth Vader reference.  Mei needs to eat her meals in a particular upright position so her foster mom patiently hand feeds her three pieces of kibble at a time over a 20 minute period, morning and night. While eating is a challenge, left to eat meals alone she shoves it in so fast she ends up choking and vomiting, Her foster mom has found a peanut butter filled Kong to be Mei’s favorite treat and can be eaten alone.

Still a puppy at heart and very attached to her people, twelve year old Mei carries around her beloved fish toy and collects seashells displayed around the home if left too long without company. Like the energizer bunny she’s either going full steam ahead or is passed out asleep at your feet. She’s a beautiful blond golden with a cheery disposition that makes everyone smile when they meet her. She loves to go on walks and car rides. Specifically, she LOVES being close to her people and wants to be with them wherever they go.