Mei Mei

Mei Mei has not been adopted but returned to permanent foster status.



This is Mei Mei, nicknamed “May” by her foster family. May is originally from Taiwan, although not brought in by our group, but rather a private owner, and she has all the typical sweetness of dogs hailing from there. May is a sweet, rambunctious, senior who loves everyone she meets. May is energetic and curious for an older girl. She has a youthful exuberance that makes her appear puppy like when you first meet her. Like the energizer bunny she’s either going full steam ahead or is passed out asleep at your feet. She’s a beautiful blond golden with a cheery disposition that makes everyone smile when they meet her. She loves to go on walks and car rides. Specifically, she LOVES being close to her people and wants to be with them wherever they go.

May likes other dogs, but sometimes scares smaller dogs with her enthusiasm to meet them. She’ll coexist with another pup just fine, and has gotten along with multiple foster brother and sisters. May tends to be dominant in the pack but will acquiesce to bigger younger dogs.

May truly values the company of her people. We discovered that May suffers from separation anxiety when her foster family leaves her for more than a few hours. She gets anxious after a few hours and turns to counter surfing and eating whatever she can find to soothe herself. May was the perfect house guest while she had a stay at home foster mom, but became anxious when her foster mom started working. Thus she should be placed in a home with owners that will keep her close most of the day.

May’s anxiety could come from a condition she has called laryngeal paralysis, in other words a collapsed larynx. This condition makes it a little harder for May to catch her breath. So when she gets excited she pants a little harder & louder than a normal dog. May has been seen by a specialistt who said her condition is relatively minor, and certainly manageable. She only needs a little special attention by her owner to not let her get too out of breath- not run too much or get too hot. Thus, air-conditioning or a cool, breezy house for her forever home is a must. Also, because May’s larynx is collapsed she needs to be hand fed so that she doesn’t choke on her kibble-she gets VERY excited when she knows it’s mealtime. However, none of this seems to get May down. Her sunny disposition shines through and her joyful enthusiasm cheers her entire foster family. May likes to play with her toys and play tug-of-war. She loves to snuggle with her foster mom on the couch after a day of walks, play, and naps. She is a little hard of hearing but she is obedient to hand signals. She knows how to come, stay, and laydown through hand gestures. 

May loves to go on walks and gets very excited, acting like a puppy. At the start of the walk she runs in circles and is very hyper. However, her condition keeps her from staying that way for very long. She does pull at the beginning of a walk but she has been trained to heel and will do so even from the start if her owner insists. After a block she will heel without pulling as she becomes out of breath, and then it is best to lead her at a slower pace so she doesn’t overtire.

May is house trained. Has never had an accident in the house and uses the doggie door with ease. She doesn’t have any mobility issues although occasionally she will slip on her foster families tile floor. It would be best if she had some carpeting in her new home to run on as she likes to jump around and get rambunctious when she plays. All and all May has been a joy to her foster family and will make anyone a wonderful companion. She really is a love. If you would like to make May a part of your family, have submitted an on line application and already had your in home interview, please contact her rep at

At around 12 years of age, the adoption donation for May is $300.

Mei Mei ID# 4542