Meet Millie! Adopted

Meet Millie, an almost 2 y/old female Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix. She shares the looks and the temperament of both of these breeds, with her almost completely golden features from the torso up, and long white legs common to the GP breed, in her case gold flecked. All in all, a beautiful and sweet package.
Millie is a homebody, a very sensitive dog who does not do well with change. The poor girl was very uncertain of the new environment that she had been thrust in, and she was anxious and panting for a couple of days when she first arrived. Like they all do, she too began to relax and begin to enjoy her new digs soon enough, and now a little over two weeks later she is completely habituated to her new foster mom and has begun to play with her 4 y/o foster fur sister.
As noted above, she is a sensitive dog, and she bonds quickly and strongly with her new human(s). Despite being a good sized dog, she always tried to get in to her prior owner’s lap. She can be an attention hog, and will try and angle her body so that she is the closest to her mom- all this is the golden retriever in her. She can also be fairly independent, and is always on alert to any perceived threat to her family, whatever that might be. She spends a good bit of time running the perimeter of her backyard , scanning for any potential predator that could endanger her or her family-that is the Great Pyrenees part of her.
Millie is not a huge fan of car rides (remember she is a homebody, and a car means she is leaving home) and while she will settle down she is comforted by another canine riding with her. She has never been in a crate, nor does she need to be-she is a very good houseguest. She knows how to use a doggie door, and will let you by standing by the door otherwise. She is very intelligent and knows some basic commands but would definitely benefit from some further training. Ditto her leash walking manners-she is a novice, so not so great, but improving. More work definitely needed there. She likes sleeping on her doggie bed, but she was allowed prior, and currently is allowed on the furniture in her foster home.
One of our behaviorists very familiar with GP’s as well, assessed Millie, and this is what she believes Millie needs:
-another young-ish dog that she can play with and also be a companion to her, reassure her in situations that are scary, as she can be a little shy.
-she would benefit from something to protect, that could be just about anything: chickens, goats, horses, etc. Great Pyrenees are born to protect their herds/flocks it is genetically programmed in them, and she would definitely be happiest with a job to do.
-acreage. Again, she is part GP and a small yard, or even an average sized yard, will absolutely not cut it for her
-she needs room to run and patrol, and is much more active in this pursuit in the early evening when the critters come out. She will bark and alert if she hears/sees something out of the ordinary so definitely NOT an apartment or condo. We will only place her in a new home where she has room to run and stretch her legs
– a ranch, farm or other expansive set-up would be perfect for her.
-Kids are ok as long as they are 7+
-she can be exuberant
If you believe you have what Millie needs to be happy, have completed BOTH your on line application as well as your in home interview, please feel free to contact her rep at Prior to contacting her rep, please familiarize yourselves with the Great Pyrenees breed-beautiful, intelligent, brave-they are fantastic dogs but they are definitively NOT golden retrievers. However, the two combined generally produce a very nice mix, particularly females, and Millie happens to be one of them.

At 23 months of age, the minimum donation for Millie is $600.

Millie’s ID# 5491