Monty • Always in our hearts

1996 – June 13, 2008

Monty was found in late April wandering the streets in Ventura County, 20 lbs. underweight, and lost or turned out at 12 years of age. But he didn’t give up on humans and loved to just sit by your side, chewing a rawhide, or run through the park as long as he could keep you in sight. Kelli Maher fostered him at first, showing him what life with a loving family, two golden brothers, and a basset hound sister could be like. Ed Buck then became Monty’s foster dad and showered him with toys, love, and all the chicken he wanted. A surprise diagnosis of cancer took Monty from us too quickly, but at least he had two very loving homes for his last two months.

Monty’s Story

I gave them my love for many a year,
I was loyal and good, always full of good cheer.
But as I grew older, their time for me waned,
And I found myself loose, running scared in the rain.

Some men snatched me up, in a kennel they put me,
There were so many dogs, all crying to be free.
I was sick and afraid. Would this be my end?
Alone in a strange place with nary a friend?

But then two angels helped me out of that place,
One took me home, she looked in my face,
You’ll never be lonely again, she explained,
You’ll have love and food and fun again.

Another rescue angel then brought me home with him,
We played and hiked and loved each other, life was no longer grim.
But far too soon the cancer took me, it came on me so fast,
My last two months were glorious, with friends up to the last.

So thank you all you rescue angels who take us from the cold,
And give us love and hope again, and peace as we grow old.