Nika AKA Bailey* Always in our hearts

March 2016

We started fostering Bailey 5 years ago for SCGGR.  When we first got her she was skinny and needed entropion surgery along with a spaying. At that time we found out, through her blood work, she had the early stages of kidney disease.  SCGGR said she is not adoptable but we could continue to ‘foster’ her as a permanent foster if desired.  Of course we said yes as she was now part of our family.

Bailey enjoyed daily walks around the neighborhood, being brushed and of course being with our family day and night. She snored loudly at night, but we got used to it.

Bailey was a lover.  She loved everyone and anything that came to our house.  This included the numerous foster dogs we hosted as well as our cat too. When we took in a litter of puppies she stepped up to the plate and protected them like they were her own.  She got along with everyone, people or pets, though was a bit shy towards men she did not know.  Over the years we continued to have her blood work done to check on her disease and luckily for the first 4 1/2 years all was good.  She was on a low protein diet prescribed by the doctor.  We supplemented her diet with steamed vegetables as well as homeopathic medicine and it seemed to go a good job keeping her numbers down.

Recently though she seemed to slow down a bit and was not eating regularly.  A quick vet check up and they put her on an overnight IV to flush to toxins that were building up in her system – a side effect from the kidney disease. Additional tests were run and the numbers were not looking good at all. She was in the late stages of kidney disease now and going down hill very quickly. Her quality of life was poor and we had to make the difficult help her cross over the Rainbow Bridge and pain free.  She was an amazing dog who we loved very much.  We miss her coming right up to us and putting her head on our laps to be pet, following us around the house being a true velcro dog.  She leaves behind her grieving family and fur’sisters Sadie and Disney too.