Meet Nikko! Adopted

Nikko is a very large 3-year-old, Golden Retriever. He is as golden on the inside as he is on the outside. He has the most beautiful golden locks and an adorable black spot between his eyes. Nikko has some healing scar tissue on his nose where we believe he had rubbed it on a fence. Not to worry! It is healing nicely and doesn’t seem to bother him one bit.
Nikko is experiencing a whole new life and is loving it. One of his most favorite things to do is go on walks with his whole family. He tends to start his walks off to a pretty strong start but will quickly slow down and keep pace with you. Nikko has some weight loss goals so extra walks will be vital for the first few months with his new family. We have worked our way up to three 30-minute walks a day and he powers threw these walks like a champ. This guy will have no problem dropping the extra lbs.
Nikko tends to be mostly non-reactive to other dogs. He might see someone he wants to meet and insist on venturing over, however he is friendly and easily convinced to go the other way when needed. If met with a dog that is reactive Nikko seems to be offended and wants nothing to do with the drama. Walks tend to be very exciting for Nikko and he may get a bit distracted and forget to “take care of business.” Taking a second dog with more focus along on walks can be helpful in reminding Nikko that he also needs to make sure he potties. He will wait in line to mark a tree if he sees that’s what the other dog is doing.
This special guy just loves attention. Give him a good belly rub and you will have his heart forever. He loves to wiggle himself up onto our bed or couch and snuggle. His body gets warm and a smile comes over his face. You can feel that he loves you and that he is happy. He is very chill and wants to be wherever his family is, whether that is the park or a car ride, Nikko is your man!
At night Nikko will sleep wherever he is asked to. He loves to sleep in bed with his foster parents, but he is too big, so bedtime is reserved for special naps and snuggles. He will sleep nicely away from his parents, but it is best to have another dog to keep him company at night. This guy spent too many nights alone outdoors! I promised him he would never sleep alone again. This big guy weighs in at
99 lbs! He is rapidly losing his extra weight and beginning to act more and more like 3-year-old puppy. He is on a special weight loss diet. He doesn’t care for this diet…who can blame him? Nobody likes a diet! We separate the dogs during feeding.
Nikko doesn’t show aggression or food guarding however we need to make sure he eats his own food. We usually give him about 30 minutes to eat his food. Most of the time we have to fix up his food with chicken stock or a low cal meal topper and continuously remind him to eat. After 30 minutes the food is removed until the next mealtime. Depending on how much he ate we may add his second meal or just give him the old meal to finish. Nikko is very food motivated when it comes to treats, which I feel will make him a quick learner when it comes to further obedience training. He is also a gentleman and takes his treats with a gentle mouth.
The commands he knows are pretty limited. He knows “sit” best but he will also offer his paw. Coming when called is kind of iffy. He will come to you unless he is overly stimulated then his recall abilities go out the window. The ideal home for Nikko will be an active household with at least one other pup, preferably with a medium energy level. He will benefit greatly from the extra exercise of playtime between walks. Nikko should go to a home without a cat. While he doesn’t display aggression toward his foster family’s cat his fixation can be intense and can cause anxiety for some cats. Children or teens may also play a great role in Nikko’s new life. He is calm, sweet and well mannered.
A perfect family for Nikko will be one that give him the attention, love and exercise that he needs for a safe and happy life!
If you want to see Nikko in action click below
If you are ready to give this sweet guy all the love and attention he deserves, please contact her friend Shirin at You MUST have completed your application and home visit. Nikko is currently residing in Costa Mesa .
As a young 3 year old, pup, the minimum adoption donation for Nikko is $500
Nikko’s ID# 5457