Olive (aka Orla) *Deeply loved

Hello Kristine,
You might not remember us, but you helped us adopt our beloved Olive (formerly Orla) through SCGRR.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to share that Olive passed recently. She suddenly became quite lethargic. After having an ultrasound, our vet found that she had an internal tumor that had burst – causing severe anemia. She had not shown other symptoms previously because of the location of the tumors. Most were on her spleen and some just beginning on the liver. She had even recently had bloodwork because we were considering a surgery to repair her bad knees. The bloodwork had looked good and so we were so surprised and heartbroken when this happened. It was very sudden and her prognosis was poor.

I just wanted to reach out and share because Olive was such a sweet soul and we so appreciated the chance to have her in our lives. My son often referred to her as his “angel” because she was so sweet and loving. I know that goldens are generally sweet dogs, but Olive had such a wonderful demeanor and a calming effect on others. I have a friend that has battled severe depression and she would visit with Olive and feel uplifted because of her. She was also devastated when she heard about Olive’s passing.

Olive could also be silly and she loved to de-stuff toys. She had a funny habit of whining and sometimes barking at animals on tv – especially horses! She was also quite the foodie 🙂 She loved our other dog and taught him how to play and walk on a leash (because she was the “mommy” figure!) – She loved going for car rides and walks. She enjoyed the beach because of the people and other dogs, but she did not like the water!! Surprisingly, she really liked the snow when we went to Big Bear last year.

We only had Olive with us for a few short years, but I am so glad that she was part of our family. I feel it was a privilege to care for her and I hope that we made her as happy as she did us. I wanted to thank you for advocating on our behalf when we were trying to adopt Olive. Please know that she was deeply loved and she enriched our lives more than words can even explain.

Thank you again for your work on behalf of these beautiful dogs.

Warm Regards,

Carrie and Zack Ortiz