Meet Ollie!

You may recognize this pup.  It is not his first time at the rodeo ~ meet Ollie.

Ollie has had quite the journey.  In and out of rescue; in an out of foster homes;  in and out of adoptive homes, in and out of boarding…which is where he is now…back at the ranch.

Ollie is completely leash and obedience trained. He responds well to a calmer presence, not the hard-handed approach. He can be goofy and likes to play. He loves to play ball ~ a Chuck-it with a few balls will keep him going for a long time.

Ollie has a history of resource guarding, not always the same thing and not all the time. This goes for random places as well. His trainer will provide support so that Ollie transitions and that he understands the rules of the home.

Ollie sleeps in a crate at night, is house trained, completely obedience and leash trained. He needs a family or person to provide structure.  Ollie is not the dog for a first time pet owner, he will test boundaries so needs someone a bit dog savvy.

We are looking for:

  • An adult-only home
  • A home with a yard
  • An active family/person who will provide exercise
  • A family willing to work with his current trainer (located in Agua Dulce) for a smooth transition.

Ollie should be the only dog in the home. Historically he has been fostered with other dogs and overall did okay, and is not reactive to other dogs he meets but he needs to be the focus in his new home.

If you feel you can commit to Ollie’s needs please contact and let us know how Ollie would fit into your lifestyle.  Ollie is a great dog that just needs the right family to love.

At three years old, Ollie’s adoption fee is $500.