Meet Prince! Adoption Pending

Meet Prince once again. We are updating his bio as we have learned so much about him over the past few months in his fabulous foster home. Most importantly, Prince has learned a lot, even for being 1.5 years old.

Your typical big, beefy and strong Golden Retriever, young Prince had a rough start in life. He came from a breeder to his family, who needed to leave him alone all day while they were away. Prince did not get the proper puppy socializing that is so important to learning what his world is like. He was under worked and under socialize – with people and dogs. As a result, Prince is prone to anxiety in new situations, can be reactive to other dogs, especially little ones, is very mouthy and requires consistent guidance, structure and rules to follow.

We are looking for an adult-only home for him, with people who demonstrate they understand and have the patience to help a dog like Prince.

Prince’s favorite activities are

·         -Playing in his baby pool

·         -Hiking and walks – he gets so excited when we get ready to go

·         -Loves his kong with peanut butter

·         -And #1 is hiding all his “babies” (toys) around the house and then we go looking for them together.  He loves this and it’s a daily ritual.

·         Prince loves water and car rides. He is good at the groomer’s too.

Adults only who are confident, calm and routine oriented naturally. Must have experience and be willing to follow some strict life-long restrictions for Prince.

#1-always on leash when in public.                                                                     #2-No dog parks. No children. No small or large dogs. Prince deserves to be the “One And Only” in your life.

When Prince gets nervous, he gets mouthy. He will bark when strangers come to the home. With a proper greeting protocol we follow, Prince generally accepts visitors very quickly. He used to keep his distance from his people, but now he is your typical Velcro Goldie. He loves parties and does well with many people in the house (ie, BBQ, dinner party, family get together). We would not recommend visiting dogs to the home unless under guidance of a trainer.

Prince needs daily exercise topped off with mental stimulation. On-Leash Long Walks/ Pack hikes (1hr +), Runs or ~5 mile hikes daily are important for alleviating anxiety. Learning new commands/words/tricks is important. We already know he like “find it” games, and “hide & seek” We will ask his new family to enter group classes for Begin/Intermediate Obedience Training. His new family must make up for lost time while living alone in the backyard for 1.5 years. His humans must always be super-vigilance while in the presence of other dogs, and work with a certified trainer/behaviorist to address Princes’ reactivity and continued socialization.

If you believe you can meet Prince’s needs to help him be “all the Golden he can be”, please inquire to his representative at LORIYALEM@YAHOO.COM

Prince is UTD on vaccines, chipped, neutered. His adoption fee is $600. You must have both Adoption Application and Home Interview Report completed to be considered as and adopter.  


Prince’s ID # is 5138