Meet Prince!

Prince was an owner turn in who spent most of his first 18 months in the backyard without any socialization or structure, and that produced one anxious pup. Lucky for Prince his owner surrendered him to the rescue and we’ve been able to start working with him with the help of a behavioral trainer to teach him how to be a dog.

When Prince first came into rescue, he was afraid of other dogs, and he had a hard time feeling comfortable around humans he didn’t know. He felt he had to protect himself and his territory. As soon as we got him into rescue he was assessed by our behavioral trainers, and then with the help of the trainer, his foster family got to work implementing structure into his life. He has made a lot of progress and is learning how to walk nicely on a leash and how to let people into his space. One of the biggest thing his new owner will need to know is how to read Prince’s cues and know the signs he exhibits when he is stressed in different situations and how to handle those. His current trainer will be able to teach you. 

For these reasons, we are looking for either a single person or a couple who have a quiet home and life, with no kids (or the plans to have kids).  Someone who is around most of the time and willing to continue the work that has been started. Prince has made a lot of progress and therefor we would love for him to continue with his current trainer. She is located in Dana Point so we are looking for someone who lives in the San Diego area if possible. 

Prince also needs a lot of physical exercise – a couple of long walks/hikes/jogs, at a good pace, help him to get out that nervous energy and feel calmer. That, along with mental exercises, give Prince the structure and security he needs to be a balanced dog.

Prince’s favorite things to do are follow you around the house and be near, going for walks, playing with his toys, did we mention going to walks?!, playing scent games like’ find the treat’, and going for walks! He needs someone who has the time to walk and play with him throughout the day – he is not the kind of dog who can just lay around all day. But if you give him the attention and training he needs, you will be rewarded with much affection! Prince also LOVES water so a swimming pool would be a big bonus! He also loves to play fetch.

Prince has good house manners – he’s house trained, knows sit, stay, lay, and shake. He is not destructive. Prince loves to sleep in his crate at night surrounded by his blanket. It makes him feel secure and he also stay in one when his fosters are gone for a while, so a crate will be a must.

Here are Prince’s must haves in his forever home:

–  1 or 2 people who are home most of the time (even after Covid is not an issue)

–  someone who has some training experience and/or is committed to carrying on the training the rescue and his foster family started with our trainer.

–  someone who is pretty active and wants a walking/running/hiking partner. 

–  Prince loves being the only dog in the house so a home where he will be the one and only.

–  a single family home with a backyard that has 6 ft fences and/or a condo if he gets his 2 to 3 walks/jogs/hikes a day.

–  a calm, quiet home without a lot of people coming and going.

–  someone who loves having an affectionate and beautiful Golden follow them around all day!

“Please do not inquire about Prince unless you have filled out an application form”.  Adoption Application & In Home Interview Must have been completed to Apply! There will be no exceptions!

If you are the right fit for Prince, please send an email to his Rep and tell her in detail why you would be the best fit and how you will be able to provide his best life for this beautiful boy!  Please email his Rep at

Prince’s ID # is 5138, and his adoption donation is $600.