Prince was not feeling well, loss of appetite, a little lethargic and had diarrhea, so I took him to his oncologist and she wanted to keep him overnight on IV fluids to get him hydrated. All of his X-rays and bloodwork looked good. Unfortunately, at 4am the next morning I got a call that Prince’s oxygen level had dropped and they could not get it back up, he was in a comatose state and I would need to think about making a decision to end his life.

I immediately went to the urgent cared, laid with Prince for a while and held him until he took his last precious breath.

They believe he had thrown blood clots to his lung and brain and that euthanizing him was the right decision.

Prince was such a handsome, amazing pup. He had the biggest heart and spirit of any dog I’ve known. I wish he would have had more time. I loved him immensely and dearly miss him.

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my home and life with him and for trusting me with that beautiful soul.

Liz Miller


Prince is doing really well and is such a happy boy. He has recovered (for the most part) from his vestibular episode, seizures are under control (not a once since beginning of November) and his Horner’s syndrome.

Because he has recovered so well I took him back to the oncologist and discussed treatment. We did an ultrasound guided needle aspirate of his primary lung tumor and it was determined its a high grade, very aggressive tumor; and that Palladia may actually shrink this tumor and give him more time. He’s a beautiful, special boy who had such a crappy prior owner – Prince deserves more time at a happy life, full of love.