On October 5, 2019, I had to let go of my sweet girl Roxy (Foxy Roxy adopted from SCGRR 09/2008).

She came to us at 4 ½ and was immediately a member of the family, sharing our lives and snuggling into our hearts for 11 years. She was the most gentle, sweet, friendly dog – so good with everyone we’d meet on our walks, especially kids who loved to pet her and talk to her.

When our other Golden Kody crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at 15 years old, she comforted us. When we then adopted Blue Moon from SCGRR in 08/2015, she welcomed him into the fold. When my husband was ill with cancer, she was always near him and, when he passed away two years ago, she stayed close to me, helping me grieve. When Blue Moon crossed the Rainbow Bridge 8 months later, Roxy and I became the two girls of the household, making our way in the world together.

Over the years, she had become deaf and half-blind – but was always her cheery, smiley self. She loved her walks and could be quite adamant about nudging me: “Let’s go!” She became ‘internet famous’ thanks to Twitter account @dog_rates (We Rate Dogs) who featured her smiling face on its account. She welcomed Riley (Nash) adopted from SCGRR 6 months ago; he had had a rough start to life and could be nervous but Roxy helped show him the ropes and he became calmer and followed her lead. He’s a bit lost without her – as am I. She was the best. Thank you, SCGRR, for bringing us together. My heart is broken but I’m so glad she was mine.

 Thank you for all you do!


The day we rescued her – or she rescued us! Love at first sight

My husband Gary and his other ‘best girl’

The picture that made her ‘internet famous’ thanks to @dog_rates

Welcoming Kody home from a procedure with kisses

Holding paws with Blue Moon


Getting kisses from Riley