Rusty • Always in our hearts

August 26, 2010

Rusty came into rescue in the fall of 2008. With a call from a man saying a Golden Retriever had been left in his neighbor’s yard with nobody caring for him. The volunteer found Rusty, very old and in terrible condition. Rusty was given Permanent Foster status and found his soft spot to land with Barb and his brother Bruce. With his fabulous looks and charm, he was 13 to 16 years old, deaf and severe arthritis, everyone that met him smile and made an average day seem special.
Sadly, on the day of his death, the local community association’s newsletter for September arrived and Rusty was the featured “resident” He was the first non-human to have the honor. Well deserved and “take a bow, Rusty!”
Barb and her brother miss him greatly and Rusty as well as everyone at rescue are grateful for the love they extended to him. Rusty passed over the bridge on August 26, 2010 looking into Barb’s eyes and seeing only love.