Meet Sapphire!

Meet Sapphire, or Hashbrown as her foster mom affectionately calls her. Here is what she has to say about her: This cutie’s name is Hashbrown, a female golden husky mix. Hashbrown is fully potty and kennel trained. When I’m not home I put Hashbrown in the kennel and though she fusses at first she quickly settles down and happily naps or chews on her bully stick/antler until I come back. Hashbrown is a velcro girl and prefers to be by your side most of the time. She does great in the car and loves her long walks. She also enjoys the beach but needs to stay on leash because of her curiosity as she’d much rather roam around when given the chance, including when the door is left open. She is working on “wait” before going through the door to the outside, which helps curb her needing to be the first through the door and bolting. I’ve been working hard to get her to sit and stay with no distractions, and she is improving.

Hashbrown’s behavior is typical of any puppy. She is quite high energy, and likes to be kept busy. Hashbrown can and does get along with other dogs but usually has mostly been with them in social situations, like a dog park visit or dog beach walk, or a nice pack walk. She much prefers all the pets and attention focussed on her alone- she can get a little jealous when another dog is getting attention she thinks should be directed at her. Speaking of jealous, she can also be a little protective of her toys if other dogs are around. She has never shown any signs of resource guarding towards me or other humans taking her toy, bone, or food dish away, but if another dog attempts to take said things, she vocalizes that she’s not comfortable with them doing so.

If Hashbrown is over stimulated and under exercised, she acts like what I like to call a spaz-she’s distracted and unable to properly listen as she usually does, so the adage a tired dog is a happy dog suits her to a T. Her prey drive isn’t typically triggered by squirrels or bunnies but sometimes a bird or two will send her running in an open yard. And she is definitively not good with cats. On walks, an occasional lizard will occasionally tempt her but she doesn’t normally display that much interest in them. I would highly recommend Hashbrown going to someone that has previous dog experience or even husky experience in their past as her husky personality is very prominent, but tempered with a nice dash of golden thrown in there. Someone that can be loving but firm so as to not let Hashbrown be the leader- she needs a true pack leader. I’ve been working hard on her basic training, and she listens when called using a kissy noise or sharp quick whistle. She knows sit , down, off, drop it, bring it here (brings her toy), and focus.

I think Hashbrown would do best with an active couple or individual, and if there are kids, none under 14. Small kids make her uncomfortable and stress her out, making it harder for her to listen or behave in the way she should. Hashbrown is a free spirited loving dog that will love you unconditionally once she knows she’s yours, and you hers. Her favorite thing to do is jump up in your lap and hug you while she rests her head on your chest. If you’re having a bad day, she is sure to make you feel 100 times better, and her cuddles make you not want to leave the couch. My favorite are those glorious eyes that are one of a kind, just like Hashbrown herself.

Hashbrown does need some continued training and work on the part of her new family, but she has the potential to be a great dog and someone’s best friend. She needs human guidance as to what behavior is acceptable and what is not. For the right family or person, she will make an amazing dog.

If you have completed the application process, and have what you believe it would take to make Hashbrown happy, please contact her rep at

At approximately 1.5 years old, the adoption fee for Sapphire is $500.

Sapphire’s ID # 5092