Siena, who is 8 years old, came into the rescue in January of this year when her owner became too sick to care for her. She arrived with multiple health issues due to lack of consistent care. She suffered from chronic ear infections, raw paws from chewing due to allergies, she was overweight, and had elevated liver enzymes. 

As we were getting her medical help for the known issues, we also discovered she had several lumps. Within one month, two of them had grown considerably. When needle biopsies showed cause for concern, we elected to surgically remove them and send them in for evaluation. Unfortunately the results indicate soft tissue sarcomas, a cancer that starts in soft tissues like muscle, tendons, or fat, and because they intrude into her muscle and nerves, we cannot get clean surgical margins. So we welcomed Siena into our permanent foster program. 

Siena is the sweetest girl you’d ever want to meet. Her tail is always wagging and she’s always up for giving and receiving affection. She loves her foster brother, a flat coated retriever who came from Turkey, and gives him kisses whenever they are together. 

Her foster mom says, “Siena is a sweet, loving girl who goes along with anything…. except being second out the door! She will not be left behind! As with most Goldens, she is with me at all times. I am very sad as to the circumstances that led her to stay with me, but I know she is happy and will be loved the rest of her time. Hopefully a long time!”

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