Sissy • Always in our hearts

April 16, 2007

Sissy arrived over two years ago nearer death than life. She weighed 33 pounds and had a large ulcerated mass on her back, there was no life left in her eyes. Her fur was so covered in urine and feces and she had to be shaved. She had cancer but we thought she could have a few weeks to enjoy being pampered. She began to eat and little by little came to life.
Her family decided that she could be fat and never denied her a treat. When she crossed the bridge she topped the scales at 68 pounds and loved every nibble and biscuit of it. In rescue a life is counted from the day the fur baby is brought in. Sissy had a wonderful few years. She was ready to leave and didn’t wait for her family to gather and make the final decision.
Three hours before her appointment with the vet she quietly slipped away. She now lives at the Rainbow Bridge with all her friends, sisters and brothers and will never be hungry or hurt again. Here’s Sissy when she came to us and the beautiful fur baby she became.