Sugar Pop

With sadness and sorrow, our beloved Golden “Sugar Pop” passed away on March 27th, 2014.  We had taken her in to the vet for a follow-up visit for a muscle strain, and grim news was not expected. She seemed better for the muscle strain but had become very ill in a short time, revealing multiple cancerous tumors and severe bleeding.  She suffered only briefly as our vet kindly ended her pain.

We will miss our Sugar.  She was a great companion to Marie and I, and as her “parents” we thought she was way too smart and clever!  Sugar Pop was rescued by SCGRR in 2007 and came to us in March, 2008.  From the first day that Debra Nicole brought her to our home in Santa Barbara, California, it was love at first sight.  She ran through our front door, gently jumped on Marie and I, and we knew we could not let her go. She always enjoyed the beach and was a terrific swimmer who amazed beachgoers with her grace in retrieving the ball from the California surf and later at Lake Michigan.

We moved to Chicago, Illinois in July, 2010 and Sugar had a great time at the beautiful tree-filled park across the street from our house.  Everyone will miss her traits – carrying the daily newspaper so carefully in her mouth and bringing it home through the park smiling “good morning” to people who passed her as they walked to the nearby train station to go to work.  Sugar was obsessed with chasing tennis balls  and could do so for hours, even in the snow!  She entertained the little kids in the park by letting them throw the ball no matter how far (or short) it would travel.

We will always continue to have great support for SCGRR and the valuable, kind work you all do.  Our many thanks to you and Debra for your efforts and for giving us six wonderful years of love and joy with Sugar. Please know that Sugar Pop loves you and is watching over from above.  What a dog.  What a pal.  What a life companion to remember.

Very sincerely,
Dale Yates and Marie Hayes