Update June 10, 2019:   Sunshine’s  last visit revealed that her leg is completely healed! She has no walking restrictions, using the steps in and out of the house, or other normal day to day activities. The only restriction is that she cannot chase a ball or engage in any activities that would cause her to make hard, fast movements. Recommended therapy is walking to slowly build muscle.

Her eyes also look great!  Completely healed, her fur should grow back beautifully. Treatment plan is a saline eye rinse daily, and anti-inflammatory drops which may be required for the rest of her life. 

Next steps…to get those bothersome allergies under control which is always difficult. Sunshine’s spa days consist of medicated baths and conditioning.

Everyone is thrilled that Sunshine can be included in family outings now. Nothing makes her happier than getting out to explore and meet new friends, both human and animal!  She just needs a ramp so she can get in and out of the car easier.  

Sunshine is down to 88 lbs. Future vet plans are a follow up visit in one-two months. With that as the final step, Sunshine will be leaving the recovery room soon with lots of love and support from all.

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Sunshine’s Journey:

Sweet Sunshine was found wondering the streets with a white Chihuahua mix we call Harmony. Picked up by Animal control, the assumption was made that they were  a bonded pair, so Harmony came to into rescue as Sunshine’s ‘plus one’ gal-pal.

While Harmony appears to be no worse for wear, Sunshine has few medical issues that have left her in a lot of pain. The initial diagnosis was an ACL injury, and on March 15th, Sunshine went in for surgery and what we hoped would fix her literally, from head to toe. During surgical repair of her leg, the orthopedic surgeon found bones that were soft and underdeveloped, and muscles that were atrophied. Repaired with a small plate and pins, her rehabilitation will be a long one.

Sunshine also suffers from entropion in both eyes, a genetic condition in which inverted eyelids cause her lashes to rub against the surface of her eye. She has this since birth. Sunshine is 10 years old.  The initial plan was to repair the entropion at the same time as her ACL but during surgery, her blood pressure dropped to an alarming level. She was not responding to medication so that has been postponed to a later date.  As soon as she is ready, we will get her this surgery that will provide much needed relief. All of the thickness you see around her eyes are caused by this irritation.

Sunshine is back with her foster family where she will be strictly confined for 4-6 weeks, being supported in and out only for potty breaks. Meantime, we have discovered that Sunshine and Harmony are not bonded. Harmony seemed to be completely happy having a family all to herself while Sunshine was in the hospital. Whether they actually came from the same home is anyone’s guess, but Harmony will be looking for her forever family while Sunshine continues her recovery.

May 14, 2019:  The recheck for Sunshine’s knee was on May 10th. Dr. Schulman said her leg looks great…Woohoo!

She is finally free of the crate unless she is left alone and only needs support now for stairs in and out of the house.  She will be working up to multi-block walks but no running or jumping for now. She has another follow-up in a few weeks.

Sunshine also had entropion surgery on both eyes on May 10th.  The photos are pretty graphic and her eyes were very inflamed the day after but that should reduce in the coming weeks. This photo was taken a few days later when a lot of the inflammation had subsided.

She’s on antibiotics and eye drops and will be wearing a cone for the next two weeks.  

Poor Sunshine did get the seam on her cone caught on her left eye yesterday and popped on stitch.  Her eye was  itchy and irritated so we ran her in for some help.  She was administered carprofen for much needed relief, which which started working within a hour of first dose.  We are currently  monitoring for any signs of infection at this point. If everything goes well, her stitches come out in two weeks…but two weeks in that cone!

Update April 27, 2019:

Sunshine’s six week post-op appointment wen well! She is looking great and celebrated with In-N-Out burgers on the way home.  She is scheduled for her entropion surgery on May 10th and we will follow up with X-rays at her eight week mark. Sunshine is hoping all goes well because  then her exercise restriction can be lifted!  

Update April 15, 2019:

Sunshine’s recheck went well!  Much to the delight of her foster mom, she can have a bath and can take controlled walks to the end of the block and back. She needs to go back for another recheck in two weeks time, then again two weeks later. At the eight week post surgical mark she will have a normal follow up and X-rays.  We are also planning for her  entropion surgery then as well.


The vet did give her a bottle of gentamicin spray to help with the rash from where she eliminates sitting in the grass. The thought is the grass allergy combined with the acidity of her urine caused a little infection.


Update May 23, 2019:   Sunshine went in for her second surgical follow-up. Her sutures were removed and she is healing beautifully! Cone restrictions have been lifted but her foster family will stay vigilant to be safe, until the redness and itchiness goes away given her history of rubbing them whenever and wherever she can. 

Her leg is looking good.  No more restrictions on walk length but still controlled with no running or uneven surfaces.  As she feels better she is trying to do more than the vet wants, like running for her toys or running to the front door to greet visitors. 

She will get another recheck in two weeks. Meanwhile, we are just managing her grass allergies and recovery. We are so glad to see this girl feeling better!