Meet Tawny! Adopted

Tawny is a sweet, loving 2-year-old Golden female mix from Mexico. When she came to our rescue group she was very underweight with poor skin condition. She has filled in nicely and her coat is now in great shape. Tawny has a disposition and even temperament. She absolutely loves being pet and getting belly rubs. Tawny uses her legs and paws to touch you when she is looking for attention. She loves to be with someone whether it be our dogs or one of us.

One of the best parts of fostering is to see a dog who has been neglected learn how to be a dog who enjoys playing and becoming comfortable with people in her new surroundings. For a dog that had her tail so far underneath her it took only a few days for Tawny to become relaxed. When she was introduced to our two dogs, she was a little apprehensive at first, but quickly became one of the pack and is now playing with our guys. She is comfortable being groomed.

Tawny has a lot of great qualities about her besides her loving personality. She seems like an intelligent young girl who would be easily trainable. Being from Mexico Tawny may have been used to a different language, but being food motivated makes it to work with her on commands. She knows how to sit, shake hands and come when called, most of the time. She loves to play tug of war with us or our dogs and is beginning to play ball. We have not seen any signs of toy aggression when the dogs are playing. Tawny loves to get ahold of a toy and shake it hard, but can take them apart very quickly. She loves to take walks and is very interested in her new surroundings. Tawny has not shown negative reactions when encountering other dogs or people. She is not a big barker, nor has she destroyed anything in our home. She does like to chase the lizards and birds in the backyard. Tawny will need the companionship of a male dog to hang with when no one is home.

Tawny will need some work with her greetings. She gets extremely excited to see someone come back home and will jump up and paw the person. She needs to be pushed down and made to sit. She is receptive to every person coming into the house. With this tendency to jump she might not be a good fit with a house with young children. We have seen some food guarding if one of our dogs gets too close when she is eating. Will need to be fed by herself.

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Please make sure to complete the online application and have an home interview done before applying. You can’t be considered if you have not done so.

At 2 years old, Tawny’s minimum adoption fee is $500.00.

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Tawny’s ID # 5079