Charly *Always in our hearts

August 2016
Hi Sharon–
My heart is broken–our wonderful Charly (Winter) left this earthly plane yesterday…

I remember you saying he was the easiest foster you’d ever had. That’s just how he was, so kind and gentle and accommodating. It was a short and sweet couple of years we enjoyed with him, and I’ll sorely miss my swimming partner.

I know he was happy here, not that he would complain if he wasn’t! Every day we did something together that he considered fun–taking walks, having a swim, or playing ball. And he was so interactive that I can hardly do anything around here now without missing him, as he was always a willing participant.

When I realized he was getting ill and it could be terminal, I started taking him to the beach. I didn’t know if he’d ever in his life seen the ocean so we went to Coronado, just in case it was on his bucket list! And he adored it–he would fetch balls out of the surf until the cows came home if I kept throwing them.

He was the best boy ever, with his beautiful Golden smile. I just wanted to let you know he’s gone, in case the group keeps track of such things.
I loved you Charly Brown, my “Swimming Boy”…